What Are the Chances of Getting Pregnant on My Fertile Days?

According to WebMD, the chance of a healthy woman getting pregnant during the fertile period of her cycle is between 15 and 25 percent. This figure assumes that the woman is actively trying to have a child.

There are several things that can decrease the chance of a woman getting pregnant during her fertile time. As a woman ages, her fertility decreases. When a woman turns 30, her fertility starts to decline. This decline incurs a steep increase once she hits 40.

In general, it takes women with irregular menstrual cycles longer to conceive than women with regular menstrual cycles. Having an irregular cycle makes it difficult for a woman to know when she ovulates. A woman can increase her chance of conception by tracking her cycle history, tracking her basal body temperature and using an ovulation prediction kit.

To get pregnant faster, it is recommended that a couple have intercourse two to three times a week for the entire month. The reason that it is recommended to do this throughout the entire month is that the day a woman ovulates can vary from month to month. Having intercourse throughout the entire menstrual cycle increases that chance that it occurs on one of the woman's fertile days.

For the highest chance of conception, avoid using lubricant unless it is specifically labeled to be friendly to sperm. Pre-Seed is a popular option for couples trying to conceive. Both the man and the woman should eat a healthy diet, limit caffeine and alcohol and avoid the use of tobacco products and illegal drugs.