How Are Chakras Balanced?

How Are Chakras Balanced?

Chakras can be balanced through affirmations and meditation-style exercises. Positive thoughts help align chakras with the universal energy flow, making life more joyful. Balancing chakras through meditation can also help to remove blockages caused by illness and negative emotions.

The seven chakras are the body's energy centers. The main chakras follow the spinal column. The chakras are always spinning, and each one is tuned to a different frequency of universal energy. Regular alignment keeps the chakras spinning and ensures physical and emotional health.

Chakras are located at various points, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Sitting quietly and focusing on each chakra's location while quietly reciting the associated affirmation ensures the chakras remain balanced.

Alternatively, visualization also works to restore energy flow. Sitting or lying down and visualizing each chakra spinning in its location for several minutes, before moving on to the next, helps maintain proper balance.

Each chakra has an associated color; the base chakra is red, while the crown chakra is violet. Each one is also associated with certain physical and emotional states; the solar plexus chakra governs the nervous system, the heart chakra governs love, and the forehead chakra governs intuition and psychic ability.