What Are the Chakras?


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The word "chakra" is Sanskrit for "spinning wheel," and in the context of certain spiritual beliefs, this word refers to a series of energy points that fall on specific parts of the human body. There are seven total chakras, and these areas serve as convergence points for energy. So-called blockages of these energy points are said to cause a cascade of different effects, including bad mood, physical discomfort or mental confusion.

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What Are the Chakras?
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In the context of certain types of yoga practice, breathing and other yogic activities are said to help clear blockages in chakras. Yoga practitioners who feel relaxed or clear-headed after a yoga session can be said to have gone through a chakra-clearing experience. Chakras can also be discussed in the context of balance. Imbalanced chakras can be said to lead to a variety of different physical, intellectual and emotional troubles.

The seven chakras include the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head; the third-eye chakra, which is located at the point just above and between the eyebrows; the heart chakra, which is centered on the chest; and the root chakra, which is at the pelvic floor. Each chakra is typically represented by a specific symbol and color.

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