How Does Chaga Mushroom Tea Help With Cancer Treatment?


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Chaga mushroom tea may help with cancer treatment by eliminating cancerous cells and reducing the unpleasant side effects of cancer treatments, according to ChagaTea.org. Chaga tea is not a substitute for cancer treatments since it cannot cure cancer by itself, and the evidence supporting its use is currently often limited to cell studies, as of 2013, according to Fox News.

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Betulinic acid, which is one of the compounds contained in chaga mushroom, can directly eliminate cancer cells, claims ChagaTea.org. Chaga mushroom promotes immune system function and helps the body fight cancerous cells with its natural defense system. By strengthening the immune system, chaga mushroom reduces the risk of infection in patients who have undergone cancer treatment. Chaga mushroom tea may help promote healthy digestive function, stimulate appetite and quell the nausea that results from cancer treatment.

Although scientists have not completely understood the anti-cancer activity of chaga, there is some preliminary evidence that the fungus causes the death of premature cancer cells and prevents cancer cells from replicating, reports Fox News. Lanostanoids, which are present in chaga, also play anti-cancer roles. The betulin in chaga may help control metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome and obesity. Ergosterol and other related compounds reduce systematic inflammation and prevent a variety of health problems. Chaga mushrooms are also potent against the hepatitis C virus and may help prevent anaphylactic shock.

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