What Does the Cervix Feel Like at 4 Weeks Pregnant?

BabyMed claims that changes to the cervix do not always occur until several weeks or months after a woman becomes pregnant. Accordingly, the cervix does not feel different at four weeks for most women. A cervix normally moves down after ovulation, but it moves back up if a woman is not pregnant.

Baby Hopes reports that the cervix changes during pregnancy, but those changes occur at different times for different women. Some women notice a change in the feel of the cervix early in the pregnancy, but others do not feel a change right away. Pregnancy causes the cervix to become softer and a bit higher. Because this change varies in timing, it is not a good indicator of pregnancy.

During early pregnancy, the uterus moves back up but not as far up as if a woman is not pregnant, as explained by New Health Guide. The cervix of a pregnant woman is softer because it is bloated with blood during early pregnancy. The best way for a woman to notice a difference in her cervical position is to keep a journal of how it varies throughout her menstrual cycle. She is then able to see a change if she becomes pregnant.