How Is Cervical Spine Nerve Compression Treated?


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According to Johns Hopkins, cervical spine nerve compression is typically treated using a combination of any of the following methods: surgery, physical therapy, injections and medication. Surgery is usually only performed if the condition has led to a medical emergency, such as a broken spine.

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Medication for this condition often includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the patient's pain and swelling. The doctor may also use steroid injections to further reduce swelling if needed.

Physical therapy can include exercises that strengthen the back, leg and abdominal muscles. The person may also be taught how to perform everyday activities more safely. A cervical collar or back brace can also help.

If surgery is necessary, a surgeon will remove the material pressing on the nerve to relieve the pressure and pain. He or she may also widen the amount of space between each vertebrae or stabilize the back by fusing some vertebrae together.

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