How Are Cervical Polyps Removed?


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Cervical polyps, small tumors in the cervix, are removed surgically in a physician's office without pain medication, according to Healthline. Following that, the base of the polyp must be eradicated.

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Cervical polyps are stalk-like structures, so they must be taken off at the base. One way to remove a polyp is to twist it off at the bottom, Healthline reports. In another approach, surgical string is tied at the base, and the polyp is severed. Ring forceps are also used to detach the polyp from the cervix.

To keep the polyp from growing back, its base must be completely eliminated, Healthline.com explains.

Liquid nitrogen is sometimes applied. An electrically heated needle can destroy the tissue. Laser surgery is also used.

The cause of cervical polyps is not fully understood, states Healthline.com. However, their appearance seems to correlate to high levels of estrogen, ongoing inflammation of the cervix, vagina and uterus, and congested blood vessels. The polyps are typically found during routine gynecological exams when the doctor notices a red or purple growth on the cervix.

Once a woman has developed cervical polyps, there is a greater chance of reappearance, Healthline observes. Cotton underwear helps prevent this. The fabric reduces the trapped heat and moisture that support infection.

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