What Is Cervical Erosion?


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Cervical erosion is a condition in which the uterine cervix appears red, raw and granular, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The cervical canal's lining is thinner than the cervix lining. During pregnancy, menstruation or when taking oral contraceptives, the cervical canal's lining moves out towards the top of the cervix and covers it, causing a disproportionate amount of discharge or bleeding to occur, especially after intercourse.

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To Women's Health explains that cervical erosion, or cervical ectropion, is benign and usually does not present obvious outward symptoms besides excessive discharge or bleeding. It occurs more frequently in young women and those who have been pregnant or women who are not yet going through menopause. No treatments are prescribed for cervical erosion because it is not an uncommon medical condition, although if cervical ectropion is disruptive or causes painful intercourse, cryotherapy or diathermy can be performed. Cervical erosion can be a result of hormone changes during puberty or pregnancy.

A PAP smear and swab tests should be performed even if cervical ectropion is the cause of excessive vaginal discharge. These tests can check if there are other causes of the discharge or bleeding, such as an infection. Doctors once believed that cervical erosion led to cervical cancer, but this is now known as untrue, according to To Women's Health.

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