Are There Certain Things You Can Do to Grow Taller?


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Kids, but not adults, can take steps to grow taller through hormonal therapy, improved nutrition and avoiding certain medications, writes the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Newsweek and WebMD. Girls reach their final adult height by about 14 or 15 years, and boys stop growing taller at 16, according to KidsHealth.

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After puberty, the growth plates that enable growth begin to fuse with the surrounding bone, writes the Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Once this occurs, human growth hormone cannot stimulate new bone production; thus adults cannot grow taller. The administration of growth hormone to abnormally short, healthy children usually increases their adult height, writes WebMD. This method can increase height among people both with and without a hormone deficiency. Kids without a deficiency who took the higher dose of growth hormone during a recent Swedish clinical trial grew an average of 3 inches taller than short children who did not take the therapy.

Children can also consume certain key nutrients to ensure normal growth, writes WebMD. Calcium, for example, is critical for maximizing bone growth and fortifies the skeleton into adulthood. Fiber, antioxidants, protein and iron are also critical for a child's healthy growth.

Avoidance of certain medications can promote healthy growth. For example, asthmatic children who take inhaled steroids are shorter than their peers as adults, according to Newsweek. Inhaled steroids slow the growth of children as they are taking the drug. Adjusting the medication's dosage may protect against this medicine's stunting effect.

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