Is There a Certain Food That Causes Kidney Stones?


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High-fructose corn syrup, along with foods that contain excessive amounts of salt or sugar are often associated with the formation of kidney stones, according to the National Kidney Foundation. This includes items such as potato chips, lunch meat, french fries, sports drinks, packaged meals and canned soups. Limiting these items in one's diet helps to decrease the risk of developing kidney stones.

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Kidney stones form when the balance of water, salts and minerals in the urine changes due to diet, exercise, obesity or illness, says WebMD. While the most common cause of kidney stones is not drinking enough water, some types of kidney stones are heredity. Additionally, diets high in animal protein and foods that contain oxalate, such as dark leafy greens, may also contribute to the development of kidney stones.

Oxalate is a mineral that binds with calcium as urine is being formed in the kidneys to create a stone-like deposit called a calcium oxalate kidney stone, says the National Kidney Foundation. Dairy products contain calcium but calcium actually helps prevent kidney stone formation. Individuals who suffer from kidney stones should discuss specific dietary changes with their physician, but basic preventative diets include drinking 12 or more glasses of water a day, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy body weight.

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