Is Cenegenics a Scam?

Based on multiple reviews, Cenegenics appears to be misleading about costs, according to Vital Health Partners, and a review on indicates that doctors are potential scam victims. Given the emphasis on nutrition and exercise, Cenegenics doesn't appear to offer any unique benefits and may be a dishonest company.

The Cenegenics program markets itself as providing tremendous health benefits by allowing the customer to control the progression of the aging process. The nature of this claim should be supported by more information on the website. However, if an individual does not live near a Cenegenics-affiliated physician, he does not have access to the program. Its marketing, as of 2015, presents it as simply another weight-loss plan marketed by physicians, as stated by Vital Health Partners.

The process through which Cenegenics recruits potential doctors raises concerns as well. The vetting process for new affiliated doctors is much less rigorous than it is for other medical positions, and Cenegenics does not make it possible for new physician applicants to talk to existing Cenegenics doctors to gain their perspectives on working for the company. This lack of due diligence makes the company's operational structure questionable. Both on the employee and customer end, there are likely better weight-loss plans out there, according to