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Cenegenics is a medical program that involves the use of preventive medicine for healthy age management. The program differs from the disease-driven approach to healthcare, and is instead a proactive methodology that encourages proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits to promote a healthy aging process.

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The Cenegenics program uses the results of a health evaluation to create a personalized health program designed to help a person feel and look younger. The focus of the Cenegenics program is on the prevention of disease by using nutritional supplements, exercise and low-glycemic nutrition.

The nutritional philosophy of the program is that to live a long and high quality life, an individual must have proper nutrition. A person in the program is taught to consume proper amounts of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, and limit caloric intake in accordance to what daily activities demand from his body.

The Cenagenics program has been demonstrated to lower the risk of age-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer?s disease. Additionally, some of the benefits of following the program include increased muscle tone, increased sexual and physical activity, improved sleep quality, lowered body fat and improved mental acuity.

Cenegenics Elite Health has led in the development of Age Management medicine since 1997. More than 5,000 physicians are educated and certified in the program worldwide. The health programs offered by Cenegenics are developed from cutting edge and evidence-based science.

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