What Are the Best Cellphone Plans for Seniors?


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While the best cellphone plan is a matter of opinion, Jitterbug5 and the Nationwide 65 Plus Plan through Verizon Wireless are both popular cellphone plan options for seniors. Jitterbug5 offers a no-hassle plan and an easy-to-use cellphone with extra large buttons, while Verizon offers a similar phone and a very basic plan for long distance and local calls.

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What Are the Best Cellphone Plans for Seniors?
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Jitterbug5 offers an emergency option called 5Star with most of the plans. This is a button on the cellphone that can be pushed in emergency situations and the caller will be transferred straight through to an agent who can get the help he or she needs. Other than the larger buttons for seniors, Jitterbug5 cellphones also have a louder speaker than other cellphones so a senior no longer has to struggle to hear his or her loved ones. Verizon Wireless offers the LG Exalt for seniors, which features the same things, including larger buttons than normal and a louder speaker.

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