What Is Cefdinir?

Cefdinir is an antibiotic drug that is used to treat conditions that are caused by bacteria, including sinusitis, pneumonia, skin infections, ear infections and bronchitis. This drug will not work for viral conditions, such as the common cold and flu.

People using other drugs and pregnant women should talk to a doctor before using cefdinir. A person may experience side effects while using cefdinir, including nausea, vomiting and headache. Medications, such as probenecid, may increase the side effects of cefdinir. All instructions provided on the label must be followed. Repeated use of cefdinir may lead to an infection, as stated by Drugs.com.

Cefdinir usually comes in the form of a liquid suspension, which may be stored for up to 10 days. Possible side effects include diarrhea, chest pain, flu symptoms, bleeding, seizures, jaundice, infrequent urination or loss of appetite. Drugs.com further mentions that those that experience diarrhea while taking cefdinir should not take anti-diarrhea medicine unless instructed to do so by their doctor.