What Are CDT Dental Codes?


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CDT dental codes are specific listings of dental procedures along with specific terms used for recording and reporting dental services, according to the American Dental Association. CDT dental codes are standard for HIPAA claims and for the purpose of providing uniformity in reporting of dental procedures.

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With a universal coding system for dental procedures, patients' dental insurance claims may be processed in a more efficient manner, states the American Dental Association. The correct CDT dental codes must be used on all electronic standard HIPAA forms and paper claim forms. Although CDT codes may change or be updated, all claims must use current coding. Changes to CDT coding may be made by a special committee within the Council on Dental Benefits Programs, or CDBP, which is comprised of various professionals within the dental community including third-party payers.

As the CDBP is responsible for CDT code maintenance, the Code Maintenance Committee either amends, changes or declines CDT coding revisions based on voting procedures, explains the American Dental Association. A downloadable manual listing current CDT coding is available on the American Dental Association's website for dental professionals or the general public. Request for revisions to CDT coding may be made at any time and are reviewed according to the date received.

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