What Are the CCU and ICU Used For?

ccu-icu-used Credit: Jez/CC-BY 2.0

The CCU and ICU are specialty care units in a hospital where patients with severe and life-threatening injuries and illnesses receive care from highly-trained medical professionals. ICU stands for intensive care unit, and CCU stands for coronary care unit.

While both specialty care units offer intensive care treatment, there is a difference between the two. The ICU treats conditions that may include, sepsis, organ failure and trauma. The CCU is dedicated to treating cardiac emergencies and life-threatening cardiac conditions.

Patients who are admitted to either an ICU or CCU are often dependent on machinery like ventilators, NG tubes and catheters to assist them with routine bodily functions. Some patients are admitted to these hospital units as a precaution following a surgery or transplant if they may be at risk for complications.