What Causes You to Yawn?


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Sleepiness, fatigue, tiredness and boredom can cause someone to yawn, according to Healthline. Social communication may also induce yawning. The condition may occur along with sighs, stretching, running nose and watery eyes.

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What Causes You to Yawn?
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Yawning refers to involuntary gulping of air that fills up sacs in the lungs, states Healthline. This condition may help cool the brain. However, consistent yawning may indicate a serious problem that requires medical attention. Contagiously, a person yawns when someone else does the same or talks about yawning.

Narcolepsy, a disorder that causes drowsiness during daytime, may cause excessive yawning, explains Healthline. Sleep apnea is another condition that can cause this condition. With the help of a doctor, the patient can keep the airways open while sleeping by wearing a continuous positive airway pressure machine. Sufficient rest may also relieve yawning that occurs due to sleeping disorders.

Taking certain medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which is a common treatment for anxiety and depression, may induce yawning, states Healthline. Life-threatening conditions such as heart attack or bleeding around the aorta that cause vasovagal reactions may result in yawning. In such a case, the doctor may recommend reducing the dosage of the drug. Other serious disorders that cause yawning include epilepsy, liver failure and multiple sclerosis. Excessive yawning may signal that the person is suffering from stroke or has a brain tumor.

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