What Are the Causes of White Patches of Skin?


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White patches on the skin may be caused by eczema, yeast infections and other skin diseases, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Most of these causes are not serious, but a consultation with a dermatologist may be in order if home remedies are ineffective.

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The appropriate treatment for white patches on the skin depends on the disorder causing the discoloration. Eczema is a common skin disorder resulting in white patches; the skin becomes irritated and inflamed, explains WebMD. Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema. The goal of eczema treatment is to relieve and prevent itching, and lotions and cold compresses can help with this.

Another possible cause of white skin is a superficial yeast infection, states Mayo Clinic. This condition can make the skin appear either darker or lighter than usual. Treatment for superficial yeast infections may include antifungal creams or shampoos.

Psoriasis also results in white patches of skin, notes Mayo Clinic. It is caused by skin cells that rapidly build up on the skin’s surface. Treatment for psoriasis focuses on controlling the severity and length of flare-ups. Vitiligo can cause loss of skin color in blotches, leaving white-looking spots that are more pronounced on darker-skinned individuals.

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