What Causes White Bumps on Lips?

Small white bumps on the lips are no cause for concern, but instead are a harmless condition known as Fordyce spots that are caused by minor sebaceous oil glands beneath the skin, according to NetWellness. They are the same type of sebaceous glands that underlie hair follicles, but in a location where no hair grows.

Fordyce spots pose no health threat and are not contagious, according to WebMD. In most cases, the spots are present long before they become visible to the human eye.

While many doctors advise against treatment for Fordyce spots, others use cutting-edge technology in an attempt to remove the spots, according to Medical News Today. Treatments for removing the spots are not fully effective in most cases, but do provide some cosmetic improvement. When treatment is an option, the top methods include CO2 laser treatment, pulse dye laser treatment and the micro-punch technique. Though these treatments leave the patient with some degree of scarring, they are effective at diminishing the look of the Fordyce spots and at preventing their re-occurrence once removed, according to Medical News Today. Without treatment, Medical News Today reports that some patients suffer anxiety and depression since the spots are centrally located on the face and one of the first things people see.