What Are Some Causes of White Bubbles in Urine?


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Some of the causes of white bubbles, or foam, in the urine is the speed of urination or protein in the urine, according to Mayo Clinic. Occasional white bubbles are normal and safe, but persistent bubbles could indicate a dangerous condition due to the presence of protein.

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The presence of protein in the urine may be temporary and not indicate a serious medical condition, explains Mayo Clinic. Situations that may cause a temporary rise in protein levels include stress, cold exposure, fever, strenuous exercise or heat exposure. There are also diseases that can cause protein in the urine including kidney disease, heart disease, Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia and malaria. Other conditions that may cause high levels of protein in the urine are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, high blood pressure and diabetic hypoglycemia.

If a patient sees foamy urine that occurs often, it is best to see a doctor, states Mayo Clinic. The doctor usually asks for a urinalysis and then looks at the results. If the test shows protein, the doctor usually asks the patient to retake the test the next day to confirm the findings. At that point, the doctor may talk to the patient about other symptoms and may perform other tests to come to a diagnosis.

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