What Causes White Blisters on the Back of the Throat?


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White blisters on the back of the throat are usually associated with a variety of medical conditions that range from bacterial infections to the development of oral yeast. Common causes include tonsillitis, oral thrush, mononucleosis and strep throat.

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In most cases, white spots on the back of the throat require medical attention. Tonsillitis caused by a bacterial infection is a common reason for the occurrence of the white spots and a doctor usually prescribes antibiotics as a treatment. Oral thrush is a yeast infection that creates white spots not only on the back of the throat, but throughout the mouth and on the tongue as well. The white spots are often accompanied by cracked mouth corners, difficulty swallowing and poor taste sensation. Treatment includes antifungal medications. Strep throat is a common infection that may result in inflammation and white spots in the tonsils and throat area. Other symptoms include unexplainable fatigue, headache and fever. According to WebMD, the symptoms should disappear within 10 days with proper treatment. White blisters are also a symptom of mononucleosis, a condition that usually affects children and teenagers. The white spots are accompanied by drowsiness, fatigue, general aching pain and decreased appetite. Treatment generally includes anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication.

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