What Causes Watery Eyes?


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Watery eyes are typically caused by an excess of tear production or more commonly the result of a blocked tear duct. Depending on the particular cause, an appropriate form of treatment can serve as an effective remedy.

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What Causes Watery Eyes?
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Another common cause for watery eyes is dry eye syndrome. While this may seem an ill-fitting title for watery eyes, it actually causes the eyes to overproduce the amount of tears. The eye does this to compensate for dryness. This can be medically treated but is not necessarily the only cause for watery eyes.

Other possible causes include environmental factors, foreign bodies, allergies and aging. Mold, dust and pollen can greatly increase tear production. Wearing sunglasses is an easy remedy that helps reduce the eyes' exposure to environmental irritants. If the cause is from aging, it is important to seek a professional medical opinion, as this may be the sign of something more serious.

There are a few simple solutions to help prevent excessive tears. One of the simplest is to not agitate the eyes by rubbing them or touching them. This can irritate the eyes and also increases the chances of spreading germs and bacteria into an already inflamed eye. For this reason, hands should be washed frequently.

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