What Causes Warts on Hands?


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Most warts on the hands are caused by viruses found in the human papillomavirus, or HPV, family, according to WebMD. The virus invades the outer layer of skin, typically through a scratch or cut, giving way for the virus to form a wart. To develop a skin wart, a person must come in contact with a wart-causing virus. However, this can happen months prior to the formation of a wart.

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There are more than 100 forms of HPV virus, and some forms are more likely to cause skin warts, while other cause genital warts, according to WebMD. The wart virus is transferred from person-to-person through direct and indirect contact. Shaking hands with someone with a wart is the most likely way to get the virus. However, the skin must be broken in some way to have a wart form. When the virus is present in the body, biting the fingernails or getting a cut on the skin may promote the formation of a wart.

Home wart removers are most commonly used to remove warts on hands. When home wart removers do not work, or the wart recurs, visiting a dermatologist to have the wart removed professionally is recommended, according to WebMD.

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