What Are Causes of Uterine Cancer?


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As of 2015, the exact cause of uterine cancer is unknown, according to MedicineNet. However, there are risk factors that increase a womanメs likelihood of developing uterine cancer, including endometrial hyperplasia, obesity and a reproductive history that includes childlessness or beginning menstruation before age 12.

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In addition, women who experience menopause after age 55 are at heightened risk for developing uterine cancer, reports MedicineNet. Women who take the hormonal therapy estrogen without taking progesterone are also at a higher risk for uterine cancer, as are women who take the drug tamoxifen for the treatment or prevention of breast cancer.

Women who have undergone radiation therapy in the pelvic area also have a higher rate of uterine cancer than women without the therapy, notes MedicineNet. Women with a family history that includes a close female relative, including a daughter, sister or mother, with the disease are also more likely to develop it. Likewise, women with a family history of Lynch syndrome, which is an inherited form of colorectal cancer, are at an increased risk for uterine cancer. Some women who have no known risk factors get uterine cancer. Researchers cannot explain why some women get uterine cancer and others do not.

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