What Are Some Causes of Urine Smelling Like Ammonia?


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Urine that smells like ammonia is caused by a high concentration of waste products with little water, according to Mayo Clinic. Urine that has a high concentration of waste products is also dark in color.

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Most of the changes in the odor of urine are temporary and resolve on their own, explains Mayo Clinic. Drinking more water removes the concentration of waste products and lightens the color of the urine. If the odor and color don't improve with adding more water to the diet, an individual may want to see a doctor. Before the appointment, there may be restrictions, as the doctor may want to perform a urinalysis, so a person should ask when making an appointment.

When meeting with a doctor about urine odor or color, it is best for the patient to write down all of the symptoms occurring, as well as any condition that may not seem important, states Mayo Clinic. Patients should make a list of medical information such as current symptoms they are experiencing and the names of all medications, supplements or vitamins they are currently taking. The doctor may ask a series of questions, including how long the patient has been experiencing the odor.

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