What Are Some Causes of Urine Odor?


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The causes of urine odor include urinary tract conditions and other body diseases, according to Healthgrades. Foods such as onions, fish and garlic may also result in urine odor. Contrary to the other causes, the foods are harmless causes of urine odor.

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What Are Some Causes of Urine Odor?
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Urine odor is a persistent bad or unusual scent of the urine that results from a disease, medical condition or disorder, as Healthgrades explains. The urinary tract conditions that result in urine odor include cystitis and prostatitis, which are the inflammation or infection of the bladder and prostate gland respectively. Psylonephritis is another urinary tract infection that can also cause urine odor.

Other body conditions that may cause the urine to have a foul smell include liver failure, dehydration and maple syrup urine disease, says Healthgrades. While liver failure may cause urine odor that is musty in nature, dehydration may result in the production of urine that smells like ammonia. As for maple syrup disease, the urine odor is sweet and caramel-like. Additionally, diabetes may lead to sweet urine order if the condition is not treated or if it is not treated properly. Because urine odor may be associated with serious medical conditions, it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention in case the odor persists, so that the underlying condition can be diagnosed and treated immediately.

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