What Causes Urine to Have a Lot of Bubbles?

Bubbles in urine can be a sign of multiple health conditions, including kidney problems, pregnancy, mild dehydration or diabetes, report both Men's Health and FastMed. Urine is a byproduct that includes fluids and other filtrates that come out of the body, making it a useful indicator of a person's overall health.

When a person's kidneys do not function properly, protein builds up in the urine. The protein levels then cause foamy urine when the urine hits water in the toilet. Health care professionals refer to excess protein in the urine as proteinuria. Patients can receive a dipstick urine test or a urine albumin creatinine ratio test to further examine the protein levels in the urine. If the condition does not receive immediate treatment, a patient is at risk of further damage to the kidneys, explains the American Kidney Fund.

During pregnancy, women may experience enlarged kidneys, which lead to bubbly urine, notes FastMed. The enlarged kidneys can't process the associated levels of amino acids, which can cause protein to escape into the urine. Mild dehydration causes concentrated urine, yet another reason urine can appear bubbly. Diabetics have a higher risk of dehydration and are therefore more likely to experience bubbly urine.