What Causes Urine to Be Clear?

What Causes Urine to Be Clear?

Drinking an excessive amount of water causes urine to be clear, according to Prevention. While it is rare to develop health issues from overconsumption of water, clear urine indicates that the individual can safely cut back on the amount of water he drinks.

Urine that is a pale straw or transparent yellow color is normal, states Cleveland Clinic. Dark yellow, amber or honey-colored urine indicate that the body needs additional water. Brownish urine is indicative of dehydration or possible liver disease.

Pink or reddish urine may be a sign that blood is present in the urine, reports Cleveland Clinic. Kidney disease, urinary tract infections and tumors are possible causes of blood in the urine. Urine may also turn this color when an individual eats beets, blueberries or rhubarb.

While orange urine may indicate dehydration, it may also mean that a liver or bile duct condition is present, according to Cleveland Clinic. Yellowing of the skin or eyes along with pale stools are other signs that point to possible liver issues, notes Mayo Clinic.

Various medications can alter the color of urine, points out Cleveland Clinic. Laxatives, chemotherapy drugs and dyes used in medical procedures and foods can cause odd coloration of urine. Most of these agents darken the urine, but some may turn the urine green or blue.