What Causes Urine to Become Foamy?


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Foamy urine that occurs persistently may be an indication of an underlying medical condition for which a person should seek advice from a physician, according to Mayo Clinic. The most common cause of unusually foamy urine is protein in the urine, which may be the result of kidney disease.

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Normally, urine contains very little or no protein due to the kidneys acting as filters to remove protein and keep it in the body. Proteinuria, the presence of protein in the urine, can be a sign the kidneys are not functioning properly, explains the National Kidney Foundation. A simple urine test shows the presence of proteinuria; however, additional testing is necessary to determine the cause. To confirm or rule out kidney disease, doctors may perform a blood test or an ultrasound to check kidney function. Treatment for kidney disease varies but may include medication and lifestyle changes.

Some people are at higher risk of kidney disease and require more frequent testing for proteinuria, states the National Kidney Foundation. This includes people with diabetes, high blood pressure and a family history of kidney failure, or people in certain ethnic groups. In addition to abnormal urine, other symptoms of kidney disease include swelling, more frequent urination, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. A person with these symptoms should see a physician.

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