What Causes Urinary Bleeding in Women?


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Kidney disease, kidney stones, bladder cancer and medications, such as penicillin and blood thinners, are some factors that can cause urinary bleeding in women, explains Mayo Clinic. Women may also notice blood in the urine following periods of strenuous exercise.

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Blood in the urine can also occur in women with urinary tract infections, according to Healthline. Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria from bowel movements makes its way into the bladder. Additional symptoms of a urinary tract infection include odorous urine, pelvic pain, frequent urination and an inability to empty the bladder completely.

Tests to determine the underlying causes of blood in the urine include urine culture tests to measure bacteria, ultrasound tests to detect kidney stones and determine whether masses inside the bladder are solid or filled with fluid, blood tests to check for kidney failure and cytoscopy tests to inspect the inside of the bladder, explains Drugs.com. Treatments for the condition depend on the underlying cause and can include surgical removal of kidney stones, antibiotics for urinary tract infections and chemotherapy for bladder tumors. It is imperative for individuals to seek medical assistance if they experience symptoms of bloody urine or if their urine is similar in appearance to dark cola to ensure proper diagnosis and efficient treatment.

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