What Are Some Causes of Upper Eyelid Problems?


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Some upper eyelid problems, including sagging of the eyelid to the point it interferes with vision, are due to aging, according to MedlinePlus. Diabetes, stroke, tumors and a variety of other conditions can cause upper eyelid problems.

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Determining if the condition affects one or both eyelids helps in identifying the cause of the eyelid problem, indicates MedlinePlus. Conditions that cause drooping of both upper eyelids include aging, migraine headaches and normal variations in eyelids. Myasthenia gravis is a medical condition that affects muscle tone. In many patients, it affects the muscles of the eyes first. A stye or other growth in the eyelid, medical problem or nerve injury may result in the drooping of one eyelid.

The most common cause of drooping eyelids is aging without the involvement of any disease, reports MedlinePlus. Some drooping eyelids are due to allergies, and steroids or antihistamines treat them.

If the eyelid droops because of problems with the levator muscle, the doctor may perform surgery to provide relief, advises MedlinePlus. For patients who are not good candidates for surgery, doctors sometimes prescribe special eyeglass frames. The doctor attaches wires to the frames and the eyelids to hold them open using traction. These frames are often an option if the patient is experiencing temporary partial paralysis that causes sagging.

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