What Are Some Causes of Upper-Arm Pain?

Possible causes of arm pain, which may affect the upper limb and start anywhere from the fingers to the shoulder, include an injury, overuse of the limb or referred pain from another body part, according to Healthline. Arm pain may also indicate carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fractures, heart disease or cumulative trauma disorders of the arm.

Arm pain is an uncomfortable feeling that ranges from mild ache to extreme pain in one arm or both upper limbs, states Healthline. It may occur suddenly or develop over time. Arm pain that occurs due to overuse of the arm or an injury typically disappears when the underlying problem is treated. If a certain activity causes pain, it helps to stop the activity, rest the arm properly and change the activity if necessary.

During a heart attack, it is possible to experience arm pain because the sensory information from the heart and the arm follows the same neurological pathways to the brain, explains Healthline. Other potential causes of arm pain include dislocations, burns, insect bites or a frozen shoulder.

A person should see a health care professional if experiencing a painful, red spot on the arm, if arm pain affects daily activities or if the pain is worse than usual, notes Healthline. Other accompanying symptoms that require prompt medical care include fainting, confusion, chest pain and dizziness.