What Are Some Causes of Uncommon Urine Odor in Women?


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Some causes of uncommon urine odor in women include dehydration, urinary tract infections, diabetes, liver disease and bladder fistula, according to Healthline. They are underlying medical conditions that can result in strong or unusual odors in urine.

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Dehydration causes the production of concentrated urine with an ammonia smell and results if a woman does not drink enough fluids, explains Healthline. Minor dehydration requires drinking of fluids to correct the uncommon odor in urine. However, severe dehydration may require medical attention because it also causes other serious symptoms apart from a strong, pungent smell.

Urinary tract infections are a common cause of a strong urine smell in women and result from the bacterial breakdown of the chemical components of urine, says Healthline. A strong urine smell in urinary tract infections occurs alongside other symptoms of the disease, such as burning sensations.

The uncommon urine smell in diabetic patients has a characteristic sweet smell because of high glucose levels in urine, notes Healthline. Liver disease can cause the production of a strong urine odor because of high albumin and bilirubin levels. Strong smell of the urine of liver disease patients commonly occurs along with skin yellowing. A bladder fistula can also cause an uncommon odor in urine because of the associated bladder bacterial infections.

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