What Are Some Causes of a Twitching Right Eyelid?


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Causes of eyelid twitching include stress, tiredness, eye strain, caffeine and alcohol, according to AllAboutVision.com. Dry eyes, a nutritional imbalance and allergies are also causes of eyelid twitching. Most sudden eyelid twitches are not a serious problem.

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An eyelid twitch is an involuntary, repetitive spasm of the muscle surrounding the eye. Dizziness, eye strain, medication side effects, alcohol and caffeine use, and irritants can make eye twitching worse, claims Healthline.

Brain and nerve disorders such as Bell's Palsy, dystonia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Tourette's syndrome are more serious causes of eyelid twitching, according to Healthline. Some cases of eyelid twitches that do not go away can be treated with Botox injections, claims AllAboutVision.com.

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