What Are Some Causes and Treatments for Sore, Burning Feet?


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Some causes of sore, burning feet include excessive alcohol consumption, athlete's foot, chronic kidney disease and hypothyroidism, as Mayo Clinic explains. Treatments for these conditions vary, but some include treatments for alcoholism to avoid more nerve damage, dialysis to treat the underlying cause of kidney disease and taking a thyroid hormone to treat hypothyroidism, as detailed by WebMD.

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Vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to sore, burning feet, according to WebMD. To alleviate the pain, individuals with a deficiency in vitamin B12 can take a supplement orally or via injection. People suffering from diabetic neuropathy may also experience sore, burning feet, and treatments for this include keeping blood sugar levels in check, dietary changes, medications and possibly insulin injections. Depending on the type of neuropathy causing the pain, treatment options typically focus on preventing further nerve damage.

If individuals experience sore, burning feet suddenly or they experience exposure to a toxin causing this sensation, they should seek emergency medical assistance immediately, as Mayo Clinic advises. An open wound that appears infected is another warning sign that requires immediate care, especially for those with diabetes. Self-care treatments can offer some relief. These methods include elevating the feet, getting enough rest and bathing the feet in cold water, but if the pain persists after several weeks of home treatments, individuals should seek out professional medical treatment.

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