What Are Some Causes of and Treatments for Hematuria?


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Causes of hematuria include urinary tract infections, kidney or bladder stones, enlarged prostate and kidney infections, notes Mayo Clinic. Treatments involve treating the underlying condition, possibly with shock wave therapy to treat kidney or bladder stones, medications for shrinking an enlarged prostate and antibiotics for clearing a urinary tract infection.

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Bacteria may enter the body and multiply in the bladder, causing pain when urinating, an urge to urinate frequently and hematuria. An enlarged prostate in men may compress the urethra, blocking the urine flow and causing blood in urine, explains Mayo Clinic. Kidney disease can cause inflammation, resulting in hematuria, reports Healthline. The formation of crystals from the minerals in the urine can cause a blockage in the kidneys and bladder, causing significant pain and blood in urine.

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