What Are the Causes and Treatments for Foot Arch Pain?

Some causes of foot arch pain include plantar fasciitis and fallen arches, also known as flat feet, according to WebMD. Plantar fasciitis treatment usually includes resting the foot, doing stretches, and wearing shoes that support the arch. Treatment for fallen arches includes the use of orthotics, icing the area, resting the foot and undergoing physical therapy. Using a brace or cane may also help.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common foot arch pain, notes WebMD. The condition results when the tissue connecting the bones of the heel to the bones of the toes becomes inflamed or irritated. The pain from plantar fasciitis may also affect the heel and become worse when getting out of the bed each morning. Doctors may treat persistent cases of plantar fasciitis with a combination of local anesthetics and steroids.

Wear and tear on the tendons that support the foot’s arch may cause fallen arches, reports Mayo Clinic. Arch supports inserted into shoes and special supportive shoes often help alleviate the pain associated with fallen arches. Exercises that target the Achilles tendon can also help. Surgery to repair a ruptured or torn tendon, while not performed solely for treating the condition, may provide relief for arch pain caused by fallen arches.

Physical therapy to treat foot arch pain may involve both manual therapy and the use of elliptical trainers, ski machines and other low-impact exercise equipment to support healing and increase circulation in the foot, notes eMedicineHealth. Over-the-counter medications to reduce inflammation and pain may also help.