What Causes Transparent Teeth?

Transparent teeth are caused by enamel corrosion, and a type of eating habit whereby the regular intake of some fruits, such as oranges, and beverages like coffee and red wine causes staining of teeth, and the outcome is experienced in the later years of life with transparent teeth. A regular diet of certain beverages with darker colors and tea also makes teeth transparent.

In some cases, some foods attack the enamel and corrode it, leaving the teeth under no protection. These are foods, such as vinegar and citrus fruits, that erode the enamel by their acidity. As a result of both the enamel corrosion and the adopted eating habits, the yellow colored dentin starts to show through the crack developed on the enamel and this leads to transparency of teeth.

The risk of enamel corrosion can be reduced by avoiding acidic foods. If consuming fruit juices and carbonated drinks, they are best taken with meals or drank using a straw so as to minimize the contact between the liquid and the teeth. Chewing gum that is free of sugar helps in production of more saliva to assist in the teeth recovery from excessive acidic exposure. Transparency of teeth mostly occurs near the edges used for biting.