What Causes Tooth Pain?


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Tooth pain can be caused by decay, damaged dental fillings, repetitive motions, infected gums, fractures and abscesses, according to WebMD. Tooth discomfort varies from sharp, stabbing pain to throbbing pain.

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What Causes Tooth Pain?
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Tooth pain often comes in conjunction with other symptoms, such as swollen gums around the affected tooth, drainage and fever, says WebMD. Although some issues, such as pain from teeth grinding, often are resolved with a cessation of the behavior, a dentist needs to be contacted immediately if the pain is severe or lasts for several days. A person should seek emergency medical treatment if the toothache involves a fever or an earache.

A dentist examines the patient's mouth, and he may x-ray the teeth, explains WebMD. The treatment depends on the source of the pain. For instance, tooth decay can require the dentist to remove the cavity and add a filling. An abscess tooth can require a root canal. Serious infections require antibiotic treatments to reduce swelling and kill the bad bacteria. The best method of treatment is prevention. This means practicing proper oral hygiene, such as brushing the teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and flossing regularly. A person should also get a regular check-up as a preventative measure.

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