What Causes Tongue Sores?


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Causes of tongue sores include mouth ulcers, smoking, certain medications and certain medical conditions, states WebMD. Inflammation, viral infection (especially in children) and nerve irritation can also result in the problem. Injury and trauma can cause sores on the tongue as well, notes Healthgrades.

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Inflammation can occur due to Moeller's glossitis or Behçet's disease, which is inflammation of blood vessels, according to WebMD. Enlarged papillae, which is inflammation of the taste buds, may also result in inflammation of the tongue. Median rhomboid glossitis can lead to an infection on the tongue, causing sores. Anemia and diabetes can also trigger the problem. Other infections that make the tongue sore include syphilis, oral herpes virus infection and strep infection, notes Healthgrades.

A woman beyond menopause may experience burning tongue or mouth syndromes, which are conditions that may cause tongue sores, explains WebMD. Just like biting, scalding and teeth grinding can result in sores forming on the tongue. Dentures that do not fit properly, prosthetic teeth, spicy foods and canker sores are also potential causes of tongue sores, notes Healthgrades.

Certain mouthwashes and oral cancer can lead to sores on the tongue, adds WebMD. Pemphigus vulgaris, a condition that causes blisters, may also induce development of painful bumps or sores on the tongue. A person who suffers from sores that last for more than two weeks should seek medical attention.

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