What Are Some Causes of Tired Legs?


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A number of conditions can cause tired legs, including poor circulation, long periods of inactivity and pregnancy, says MedicineChest. Tight clothing, excessive heat and smoking cigarettes are some other possible causes of tired legs.

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Long periods of inactivity can cause a feeling of tiredness in the legs because the leg muscles fail to contract hard enough or often enough to force blood upwards, according to MedicineChest. This causes blood to gather in the leg veins because it is unable to drain from the tissues of the leg. In addition to tiredness, this can cause feelings of heaviness or tension in the legs. Being overweight can restrict blood flow causing the tiredness. Warm temperatures and alcohol consumption can cause veins to enlarge, resulting in blood pooling in the legs. Use of tobacco can also cause these symptoms.

Feelings of discomfort at the end of the day are typically the first symptoms to develop, states MedicineChest. Most symptoms cease with proper rest. Over time, the discomfort may develop into cramps in the leg muscles, cold feet or tension in the legs. Ankles may also swell, and skin on the legs can become itchy or discolored.

Taking health supplements regularly helps keep leg veins healthy, reports MedicineChest. Gels are available that can stimulate circulation, cool and soothe tired legs and release leg tension. Ibuprofen can treat mild pain.

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