What Causes Tired, Achy Legs?


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Some causes of tired, achy legs include restless leg syndrome, bone pain, intermittent claudication, myofascial pain syndromes and nerve pain, notes FootSmart. It is important for patients to know how they feel to help a doctor diagnose the condition better. Since aching and tiredness are symptoms, they can be caused by any other health problem.

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Trauma to the nervous system in legs leads to localized pain, sharp pain or tingling pain, states FootSmart. Also, injury in one part of the body can cause pain in another. For instance, an injury to the back on the sciatic nerve causes pain in the legs. Also known as fibromyositis or fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndromes occur due to trauma to the leg muscles and the connective tissues. Its symptoms include stiff muscles, pain, tenderness and aching.

Intermittent claudication occurs when the arteries in the legs become blocked and harden, notes FootSmart. This decreases blood circulation, leading to achy, tired legs. Bone pain in the legs occurs due to stress fractures, shin splints or periostitis. The pain tends to affect the anterior compartment muscles, muscles that are located beside the lower leg bone. Tired, achy legs also occur when the legs feel uncomfortable while sleeping or sitting. This tempts a person to move the legs constantly.

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