What Are Some Causes of Tingling in the Arms?


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Causes of tingling in the arms include use of certain medications, neck injury, radiation therapy, certain bites and insufficient supply of blood to the arms, notes MedlinePlus. Certain medical conditions and staying in the same position for a long period may also result in tingling.

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Insects, spiders, mites, ticks and animals may bite a person, thus leading to tingling, explains MedlinePlus. The use of alcohol and tobacco; exposure to lead; and taking chemotherapy prescriptions may result in nerve destruction and lead to tingling. Deficiencies in vitamins, including vitamin B12, and unusual quantities of sodium, calcium and potassium may also cause the problem.

Poisoning as a result of eating seafood may increase symptoms of tingling, according to MedlinePlus. Orthopedic conditions such as herniated disk may cause nerve pressure of the spine and induce the problem. Tingling may also be a result of peripheral nerve pressure that may occur from infection, tumor, scar tissue and amplified blood vessels.

Diabetes, stroke and carpal tunnel syndrome, which occur due to pressure on wrist nerves, may trigger tingling, states MedlinePlus. Other conditions that may cause the problem include Raynaud's phenomenon, which refers to constricting of blood vessels in the hands; transient ischemic attack, also referred to as mini stroke; migraines; or seizures. Multiple sclerosis and hypothyroidism may also bring about tingling. A patient should consult a doctor if he is urinating consistently; the problem is a result of a head or neck injury; or the patient experiences difficulties in movement, vision and talking.

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