What Are Some Causes of Thumb Pain?


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The causes of thumb pain include injuries, inflammations and conditions that affect the body's muscles and nerves, according to Healthgrades. Disorders such as blood clots, diabetes, peripheral artery disease and blood vessel inflammation can also cause thumb pain.

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Injuries that involve the thumb or the nerves responsible for the thumb feeling and movement cause thumb pain, says Healthgrades. These injuries include burns, bone dislocation, bone breakage, herniated discs and tendon rupture. Bites and nerve compression are also injurious causes of thumb pain.

Inflammatory conditions that cause thumb pain include arthritis, states Healthgrades. The symptoms of which may be experienced in the whole or a section of the thumb or both thumbs. Symptoms and pain may also arise from osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, gout, abscess or rashes. Other inflammatory causes include cellulitis, tendonitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Conditions that affect the body nerves and muscles leading to thumb pain include carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy and Raynaud's phenomenon, which is an insufficient blood flow to the fingers and toes due to the presence of spasms in the blood vessels, explains Healthgrades. Although thumb pain may not be a serious medical condition, occasionally, it may be a serious symptom of stroke. As a result, a patient of thumb pain with serious symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

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