What Causes Testicular Hernia Pain?


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In an inguinal hernia, either the omentum or part of the intestine bulges through the inguinal canal that leads from the abdomen to the scrotum, which can cause pain, states Mayo Clinic. The pain is not from the testicles, but from the bulge putting pressure on the surrounding tissue.

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A man with an inguinal hernia may feel pain from coughing, lifting or bending over, explains Mayo Clinic. He may also experience a dragging sensation, weakness, pressure and swelling in the groin and scrotum. Lying down, putting an ice pack on the area, and then pushing the bulge back into the abdomen may help the pain. Inguinal hernias happen more often to men who are overweight or chronically constipated. They may also happen in pregnant women, infants and young boys.

If the pain is severe or increases over time and the bulge does not move easily, the hernia may have become incarcerated, or trapped, reports Mayo Clinic. An incarcerated hernia may become a strangulated hernia if blood flow to the area is cut off, which is a medical emergency that requires surgery. Other symptoms of a strangulated hernia are nausea and vomiting, fever, rapid heart rate, and the hernia bulge becoming red or purple.

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