What Are Some Causes of Tendinitis?


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In most cases, tendinitis is due to repetitive motion over time, although a sudden injury can also cause the condition, according to Mayo Clinic. Repetitive motion causes irritation and inflammation of the tendon, resulting in pain and tenderness just outside the joint.

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Sports injuries often cause tendinitis, so many forms of this condition carry a sports-related name, such as tennis elbow, jumper's knee, swimmer's shoulder or golfer's knee, according to MedlinePlus. Tendinitis affects the body's flexible bands of tissue responsible for joining muscle and bone known as tendons.

Treatment for tendinitis includes avoiding activities that place more stress on the joint and resting the affected area. On the day the injury occurs, applying ice helps to reduce inflammation and pain. Oral anti-inflammatory pills or topical anti-inflammatory medications are also helpful in reducing the pain and swelling, according to WebMD.

If tendinitis does not get better within a week, the injured individual should see a doctor. Sometimes, the injury requires advanced therapy, such as corticosteroid injections, which work quickly to reduce pain and swelling. Cases such as frozen shoulder benefit from physical therapy to increase the range of motion. In rare cases, tendinitis requires surgery, reports WebMD. Full recovery from the condition may take a few weeks to several months.

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