What Causes Teeth to Break?

What Causes Teeth to Break?

According to Boots WebMD teeth often break due to chewing hard objects, using teeth as tools, hitting the teeth against something hard or chomping on ice cubes. Good dental habits and protecting the teeth from being hit against anything hard is the best way to prevent tooth fractures or breaks.

Most reasons for a tooth breaking are well-known by most people, such as getting punched in the mouth or slamming the teeth into something hard from a fall, but not all the causes are commonly known. Below are a few reasons why teeth break, with some that might be surprising.

Chomping ice

Eating ice cubes is a common cause for fractures or breaks in teeth. The extreme cold of the cube can create tiny microscopic fractures in the teeth.

Using teeth as tools

Using teeth to open items can cause a break or fracture. The break may not be immediately evident, but over time, using teeth as tools weakens them and increases the risk of breakage.

Chewing hard objects

Most people know better than to chew on hard objects like metal, hard plastics and wood, but everyday items can be just as dangerous to chew. Using teeth to crack nuts is a bad dental habit that can lead to breakage, and even eating popcorn can be hazardous if the teeth are used to try to bite down on a hard kernel.