What Are Some Causes of a Swollen Nostril?


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Some of the causes of a swollen nostril include environmental or occupational irritants, weather changes, infections, and food or beverage affects, according to Mayo Clinic. Other causes for a swollen nostril include medications, stress and hormone changes.

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Irritants, such as smog, dust, odors or secondhand smoke may trigger nasal swelling, explains Mayo Clinic. Chemical fumes and changes in temperature or humidity may also cause swelling. Infections from the flu or a cold can also cause swelling of the nostrils, and though a cold typically clears up in a few weeks, the effects may become chronic.

Food and beverages may also cause the nose to swell, especially when a person eats spicy or hot food, claims Mayo Clinic. Drinking alcohol may also cause swelling, as it causes the membranes inside of the nose to swell. This condition may also occur due to the use of some medications, especially ibuprofen, aspirin and medications for high blood pressure, such as beta blockers. People who take antidepressants, sedatives, oral contraceptives or drugs for erectile dysfunction also experience swelling around the nose at times.

Nostril swelling may also occur in those who go through hormonal changes, states Mayo Clinic. These changes may come due to menstruation, pregnancy, the use of oral contraceptives or from conditions such as hypothyroidism. Stress may also cause swelling of the nostrils in some people.

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