What Are Some Causes of Swollen Feet and Hands?


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Causes of swollen feet and hands include pregnancy and menstruation, says Medical News Today. Underlying medical conditions such as diabetic nephropathy, a form of progressive kidney disease that affects diabetics, may lead to swelling, as does nutritional deficiency and a person’s diet, according to Healthline.

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Progression of diabetes may cause the kidney’s nephrons, which are responsible for filtering waste, to thicken or scar. This causes leakage of the albumin from the nephrons into a patient’s urine, leading to diabetic nephropathy, explains Healthline. Loss of albumin reduces the blood’s osmotic pressure, leading to leakage of fluids from blood vessels, states Progressive Health.

Excessive intake of table salt increases sodium levels, causing the kidneys to retain more fluids to counter the high concentration of sodium. Swelling that occurs due to salt intake also has a connection to liver diseases and high blood pressure, while vitamin B deficiency can cause swelling, according to Progressive Health.

The release of hormones during pregnancy causes retention of water and sodium, leading to swelling of the arms, feet and lower limbs. A pregnant woman’s blood tends to clot easily, increasing the risk of vein blockage and swelling of feet or hands explains Medical News Today. Hormonal imbalances during menstruation may lead to fluid retention, while premenstrual symptoms include swollen hands and feet, although they recede with the onset of menstruation in most women, states Core Physicians.

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