What Causes a Swollen Face and Eyes?


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Common causes of swelling of the face and eyes, such as allergic reaction, eye infection, surgery, injury or sty, can be caused by minor and major medical situations. Some causes have easy remedies, but others require medical attention, states Healthline.

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What Causes a Swollen Face and Eyes?
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Swelling evident in the face after just waking up may be a sign that while sleeping, there was too much pressure exerted on the face. Face and eye swelling stemming from facial injury or an underlying medical condition needs the treatment of a medical professional, according to Healthline.

Face and eye swelling during an allergic reaction indicates a severe response by the immune system, anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock, such as swelling of the face or limbs, may affect the eyes, explains Healthline. Reactions to allergens affect the face and eyes, such as insect bites, adverse reactions to medications, plants, pollen and venom. Other allergens that may cause swelling of the face and eyes include shellfish, fish, nuts and animal dander.

For treatment of face and eye swelling, avoid know allergens by reading ingredient labels, asking about ingredients when ordering food at restaurants and carrying medication to combat anaphylaxis. Once allergens are identified, tell the physician after experiencing any adverse effects, notes Healthline.

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